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CSC Dental Center
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Our specializations

conservative dentistry, estetic dentistry, prostetics, orthodontics, pedodontics, endodontics, dental surgery, periodontics

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We will help you achive beautifull smile

CSC Dental Center

CSC dental Center is a team of experianced specialists in many fields of dentistry, We have got profesional medical equipment which help us achive yours new beautifull smile. If You want to have a beatifull new smile, please send us a contact reqest, call to us or go to tab How It Works and check how You can achive Your new smile with us

Individual approach to patient

We aproach to each patient exceptionally

Complex care

We always looking for the best solutions for issues of our patients

Kind atmosfere

Each patient who visited our center, felt very well and comfortable

A qualified team

Our team of specialists is constantly improving their qualifications to help patients in accordance with global standards.

Dear Patient

CSC Dental Center is is a modern place that meets your highest expectations. We offer comprehensive dental care at attractive prices. All treatments are performed with the use of modern tools and equipment from reputable companies. The CSC dental center is located 100m from the main route to Gdansk which makes it easy to find us. CSC is a unique place that consists of helpful and pleasant staff, trained and professional doctors, professional equipment and modern interiors.

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