Solution for snoring

OrthoApnea ® Sleep Appliance

The OrthoApnea device is a splint type solution for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea treatment. The appliance mechanism allows for precise controlled advancement and has an adjustable sliding central bar and bilateral tracks.

Orthoapnea ® is a revolutionary appliance which constitutes the most comfortable and effective alternative for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. Intra-oral splints change the position of the lower jaw, the tongue and other structures, this is guarantee the free flow of air through the upper airway avoiding obstruction during the night.

Orthoapnea® is a device which have all the advantages of existing oral apnea appliances: lateral movement, mouth opening and precise control of lower jaw movement. These are the key to a new generation of intra-oral appliances, making Orthoapnea® the best option. It is the only device in the world which advances the lower jaw even further when the patient opens their mouth, thereby increasing the diameter of the airway. Orthoapnea is manufactured to meet the specific needs of every patient to an exceptionally high standard.


  • Lightweight
  • Freedom of jaw movement
  • Lateral exclusion movements
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